Photo by Terry Hale: Crocus reflected in watering can (link to home page)

Plant Sale

An Extraordinary Gardening Event

Sister Plant Favorites

Photo by Terry Hale: Hemerocallis 'Anne Welch' (daylily)

We'd love to share with you some of our favorite plants and why we treasure them.

Visit the Sister Plants Sale Information page for details about this year's sale.

Hellebores: Voted "2005 Plant of the Year"

The "Sisters" have been experimenting with hellebores for over twenty years and have come to covet this exceptional perennial which blooms for two months beginning in March. Our problem is when a hellebore comes into bloom, we simply cannot part with this treasure, because each plant blossoms in unique patterns and colors, all so deliciously beautiful. As the flower matures, it subtlety changes colors.

We purchase Helleborous orientalis hybrids (Lenten Rose) from prominent breeders. They are over-wintered in propagating beds until they flower, often for several years.

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Favorite Plant List

Here is a list of our favorite plants and some of their characteristics.

Note: Not all of the characteristics listed necessarily apply to all species within the genus, and not all species within the genus are New England Zone 6a hardy.

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Trees and Shrubs

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